Jury Awards Verdict Of $744,000 To Family Against Former Notre Dame’s Football Team’s Orthopedic Surgeon.

Everyone makes mistakes during their lifetime. While that is true, medical professionals are held to a higher standard of care because we entrust them to make decisions that affect our wellbeing, health and lives. When a medical professional makes a mistake, which can include an action or even a failure to act, and you suffer a devastating injury as a result, you may be entitled to just and fair compensation. The experienced medical malpractice attorneys here at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates have decades of experience fighting for their Massachusetts clients and can help guide you through the complicated litigation process.

In South Bend, Indiana, a jury ruled in favor of a local family in a medical malpractice suit, involving their 16 year-old son who was allegedly negligently operated on by a doctor. The suit claims the doctor performed an unneeded surgery on their son, leaving him with pain for the rest of his life. The son had suffered a shoulder injury during a wrestling match a week before the family visited South Bend Orthopedics to have him checked out. After not undergoing any treatment at his fist appointment in January and the son’s continuing complaints about pain, the family set up a follow-up exam in April.

The family’s attorney claimed the doctor gave the family a false choice by telling them their son could either have the surgery or live with pain for the rest of his life. Three members from the review board were brought in during trial and all three agreed they would have started with more conservative treatment options, like a steroid injection, before considering surgery. The defense attorney argued that just because other doctors would use another treatment does not mean it was malpractice. This argument was to no avail, however, and the family is expected to receive a $250,000 payment from the doctor’s malpractice insurance this year and have the rest of the $744,00 jury award paid quarterly from the Indian Department of Insurance’s Patient Compensation Fund.

If you or a family member have experienced injuries, including pain and suffering, due to the negligence of your doctor, you may be entitled to compensation. Massachusetts medical malpractice victims are awarded money compensation for their lost wages, medical expense reimbursement and rehabilitation expenses. Our Massachusetts medical malpractice attorneys are experts in the field so call us at 617-787-3700, 24/7, or email us at info@gilhoylaw.com. Time may be a factor in pursuing your claim, so please contact us today! Your needs are our top priority!

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