Tragic State Fair Accident Leaves One Dead And Seven Others Injured.

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A ride at the Ohio State Fair broke apart recently, leaving at least one victim dead and another with a head injury. Dispatchers with the Columbus Division of Fire received four calls after the amusement park ride called the Fire Ball broke apart at the Ohio State Fair just before 7:30 pm last Wednesday. 18 year-old Tyler Jarrell, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, was killed, and seven others were injured as a result of the accident when the amusement ride fell apart. He was thrown high into the air and landed on the ground about 50 feet from the ride. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The other injured riders were transported to local hospitals. They are 36 year-old Tamika Dunlap, 22-year-old Jacob Andrews, 42 year-old Russell Franks, 19-year-old Keziah Lewis, 18-year-old Jennifer Lambert, 19-year-old Abdihakim Hussein, and a 13 year-old whose family requested that his name be withheld. The Fire Ball swings riders like a pendulum from side to side, reaching 40 feet above the ground, while spinning riders at 13 revolutions per minute. The ride carries passengers in four-seat sections at the end of six spoke arms.

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