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New Study Underscores The Dangers Of Vaping.

For decades, the world has been aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Countless studies have shown the high correlation between smoking and the development of cancer, as well as other deadly diseases. While smoking traditional cigarettes is still a … Continue reading

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Slip-And-Fall Case Sent To Jury Despite Conflicting Testimony.

One of the biggest obstacles to collecting damages in slip-and-fall cases is that property owners are generally represented by insurance companies that are extremely reluctant to compensate those injured for any injury suffered. These insurance companies can also afford top … Continue reading

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Teen Injured In Skydiving Accident Awarded $760,000 In Damages.

People who are doing a potentially dangerous activity for the first time often seek the help of a professional. This is because not only do people want to do the activity correctly, but they want to do it safely. Those … Continue reading

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