Train Operators Being Sued By Railway Company After Collision Leaves Several Riders Injured.

In accidents involving large companies, we usually expect to see injured parties sue someone on the hierarchy, such as a manufacturer or distributor of a certain product. We hear less often about the company itself suing employees who have been accused of acting negligently in causing the accident. That, however, is exactly the case in a train accident that took place in Georgetown, Kentucky earlier this summer and caused personal injury.

According to reports, southbound train No. 175 collided with northbound train M47, completely destroying the two locomotives and leaving four people injured. The collision also caused petroleum to be released from the ground, which has triggered environmental and health concerns and forced people in the area to evacuate their homes.

Now, a lawsuit has been filed against Kevin Tobergate and Andrew Hall, both residents of Kentucky who were operating No. 175 on that day. The suit alleges that Tobergate and Hall were negligent in not being on the lookout for signals which would have alerted them to slow down. Their failure to slow down allegedly then resulted in the crash. The suit further claims the two men were negligent in failing to tell the dispatcher that they had used the emergency brake, and failing to alert anyone that they had run through a stop signal. The lawsuit is asking for a judgment against the two men for property damage to the train and to the surrounding area.

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