Civil Tort Lawsuits Reportedly Cost California $11.6 Billion Annually.

To ensure a level of citizen protection from state abuses, it is crucial that there are systems in place that hold states, cities, and towns accountable for their negligent actions. One such system is American tort law, which allows citizens to bring lawsuits against a state in cases of negligent behavior that results in some form of personal injury. However, an accumulation of lawsuits can result in extreme state expenses, which may in turn affect a state’s ability to run its public programs effectively. As such, some argue that the very system used to give citizens a measure of recourse against state abuse might end up causing more harm than it prevents. This is one reason why tort law reform in particular states is such a hot-button issue. In a situation involving personal injury, it would be wise to contact an expert personal injury attorney at 617-787-3700.

According to a new study aimed at estimating the cost of tort litigation, such litigation costs the state of California roughly $11.6 billion annually. In response to these figures, some have called for a reform of the tort law system in California. These changes would be designed to reduce the potential liability faced by the state in the case of negligence.

Exemplifying these problems is California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, which imposes harsh burdens on certain state-run manufacturers. Failure to comply with these regulations results in not only fines, but also litigation against these companies. Although just one example of the growing problem in California, litigation from this Act has already resulted in millions of dollars in fines, settlements, and judgments. While it is crucial to hold states accountable for wrongdoing, many commentators wonder if, in the long run, harsh regulatory laws that give citizens private rights of action will hurt the state.

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