Sole Survivor of Fatal Kentucky Plane Crash is 7-Year Old Girl.

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Far too frequently, small private aircraft are piloted by individuals who are less experienced than your typical commercial pilot, sometimes leading to mistakes and catastrophic accidents. Plane accidents have a massive capacity for harm, due to the speeds and heights that accompany flight. The National Transportation Safety Board has reported that, in 2008 alone, there were 1,649 civilian aviation accidents that resulted in 564 deaths. Plane crashes tragically result in serious harm or death to those aboard.

Despite these statistics, seven-year old Sailor Gutzier was miraculously able to survive a plane crash and walk to safety. Sailor and her family were flying in a Piper PA-34, bound for Florida, when they reportedly experienced engine problems, resulting in the plane crashing in Lyon County, Kentucky. Tragically, Sailor’s parents, sister and cousin all died upon impact. Badly bruised and cut, Sailor was able to climb out of the wreckage and walk, by herself, for nearly a mile in freezing temperatures and dense forest, with no jacket or shoes. Sailor was eventually able to find a home. She told its occupants what had occurred, and she has just recently been released from a nearby hospital without any serious injures.

Experts still cannot explain how she was able to avoid any serious bodily harm, but it is still a tragic instance nevertheless. Sailor lost most of her family in the crash, and has clearly been through a traumatic and emotional ordeal. For not all scars are physical.

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