Six Killed, Dozens Injured in Canadian Bus-Train Collision.

Canadian authorities are investigating a horrific accident that occurred when a passenger bus struck a commuter train during the morning rush hour in Ottawa, Ontario on Wednesday, September 18, 2013.

Passengers on board the bus claim they yelled for the driver to stop the bus, as they approached the crossing barrier at the intersection of the railroad and the train tracks. But the driver drove the bus through the barrier and into the train despite their pleas. The impact ripped away the front part of the bus, and derailed the train’s locomotive and one of its passenger cars.

Six people were killed, including the driver of the bus, and 34 more bus passengers were injured.  Witnesses described the horrible scene, stating that bodies and limbs were strewn about the accident area.  No serious personal injuries were reported among the passengers on the train.

Passengers were not sure what caused the driver to drive through the barrier and onto the train tracks, but stated that the driver appeared to be in good condition at the previous stop.

Authorities stated that the layout of the crossing, which has a 90-degree bend, could have been a contributing factor to the tragic bus accident. They further said that they would not be able to reach a conclusion on the cause of the wrongful death accident until they had reviewed the data located in the bus’s black box, which contains data on the bus’s speed and braking.

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