Low-Price Massachusetts Bus Companies Apply for New Licenses After Addressing Safety Concerns.

Two popular low-price bus companies, Fung Wah and Lucky Star, hope to begin once again carrying passengers between New York and Boston as early as this fall, company officials have reported. 

The Boston-based companies were known for their cheap prices before being taken off the road by federal and state authorities earlier this year. This was after safety officials found major problems with the companies’ motor vehicles, and safety violations by their employees, all of which endangered passengers on the buses.  Since then, the two companies say they have purchases new buses, hired safety consultants, and retrained their employees and drivers.

The companies have also applied to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which regulates interstate bus travel, to resume their operations.

Although the companies hope to continue attracting customers with low prices, they say they may not be able to operate as cheaply as they did in the past.

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