Several Dozen Injured in Ferry Crash in Lower Manhattan.

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Imagine waking up one morning- a day similar to every other weekday morning. You race around to get ready for work, grab a cup of coffee, and board onto the ferry to get to work. But then something terrible happens, and your usual commute to work turns into a nightmare.

That is exactly what happened one freezing cold morning in January 2013 to the passengers aboard the New Jersey commuter ferry. About 8:45 in the morning, the vessel appeared to hit a wall. Nearly 60 of the more than 300 passengers were injured when the boat struck two slips at the pier.

One passenger reported that the ferry quickly went from 60 to zero miles per hour. Another passenger was thrown into a table, injuring her neck and shoulder, which caused her to have trouble breathing. Blood and broken glass were all around. One man suffered severe head trauma and bleeding after falling down stairs.

The 140 foot long, 30 foot wide ferry was involved in past docking accidents. The captain of the vessel told investigators he could not control the boat’s engine right before the crash.

One passenger who suffered soft tissue injuries has settled for $25,000. Another passenger suffered a knee injury requiring surgery. He settled for $55,000. SeaStreak, the owner of the ferry, has paid more than $1 million in personal injury claims to date.

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