Maryland Couple Awarded $21 Million After Son Suffers Severe Birth Injury.

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The day of your child’s birth may be one of the most anxiety-filled days of your entire life.  Becoming a parent is no small task: it takes an extraordinary amount of dedication, responsibility and love.  On that day, however, your main concern is that the labor and delivery goes smoothly.  In all likelihood, you and your spouse have planned for this day for quite some time, and you’ve prepared for very specific procedures to take place.  Yet, for all the medical preparation and professionalism that you and your spouse expect, there are sometimes unforeseen complications that may cause problems with your child’s health.  On occasion, these complications may be caused by a doctor’s or nurse’s failure to act decisively and appropriately.

On September 6, 2002, Mrs. Shantiah Norfleet was admitted to the MedStar Harbor Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  Although a usual pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, Shantiah and the baby were found to have high blood pressure levels at the 32nd week. Therefore, Dr. Kathleen Ward decided to induce labor.  During Shantiah’s labor, however, a fetal heart monitor showed that the baby’s oxygen levels were extremely low.  But instead of conducting an emergency caesarian section, Dr. Ward allowed the labor to continue for another three hours.  When Jaylan Norfleet was finally born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.  Jaylan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after being evaluated by hospital staff.

In February of 2011, the Norfleet family filed a lawsuit against the MedStar Harbor Hospital and Dr. Ward.  The family alleged that the hospital and its staff negligently failed to provide Shantiah with a caesarian section.  At trial, the Norfleets called several expert witnesses, including gynecologists and obstetricians, who agreed that the correct course of action was an emergency caesarian section.  After a two-week trial, a jury in the Baltimore City Circuit Court awarded the Norfleet family $21 million in damages.  The hospital appealed the verdict to the Court of Special Appeals in Maryland, but that court recently upheld the damage award.

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