Non-Profit Calls For Tougher FDA Action To Combat Food Poisoning.

The OSPIRG Foundation reports persistent food poisoning outbreaks across the United States. The Foundation has issued a call to the federal Food and Drug Administration for tougher regulations with regard to food poisoning.

According to statistics from “Food Safety Scares 2013,” nearly 1,500 illnesses, 335 hospitalizations, and two wrongful deaths have been attributed to food poisoning across the United States just in the past year. Food poisoning has had the highest incidence in cases of individuals eating bagged salads, peanut butter, cucumbers, pomegranates, cheese, and chicken. Most food-borne illnesses are caused by either Salmonella or Cyclospora, which can be found in these common household food items when food producers are careless and negligence in producing packing or shipping the food products.

The OSPIRG Foundation has called on the FDA to implement several proposed new regulations, which include changes on imports, produce, and overall food safety systems. Until something is done to quell the outbreak, innocent citizens will suffer the serious harm caused by food poisoning every year.

The FDA has been slow to act on implementing the new rules due to the gridlock in Congress and the resulting lack of funding.

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