Miami Bridge Collapse Could Result In A String Of Negligence Lawsuits.

When large scale disasters occur, the immediate calculations made are those regarding loss of life or loss of infrastructure. However, what the public usually does not see are the legal battles that might ensue, especially if it is found that human error is responsible for the mess. Negligence suits of this sort can involve high stakes and result in huge payouts. That could be exactly the case in the wake of a recent Miami bridge collapse, in which the first lawsuit has been filed.

On March 15, 2018, a bridge at Florida International University collapsed. As large chunks of debris fell, a car swerving to avoid any damage careened and struck Marquise Hepburn, who is currently in the process of recovering but nevertheless received substantial injuries. Although at the moment Hepburn is seeking damages exceeding $15,000, Hepburnā€™s attorney Matt Morgan suggested that the accumulation of potential lawsuits by all injured parties could exceed $1 billion.

The suit will include both the construction company and the engineers as defendants, as several cracks had been noted before the collapse that investigators believe should have been tested properly. Another potential lawsuit also comes from the family of Alberto Arias, who was killed during the collapse.

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