Man Charged With Rape Of 92 Year-Old Nursing Home Patient.

On December 5, 2013, a Deer Park, Ohio man was criminally charged for raping an elderly patient at the nursing home at which he worked.

Samuel Onyenweaku, of Deer Park, Ohio, was criminally charged for the rape of a 92-year-old patient. The home in which the incident occurred was the Amber Park Nursing Home on E. Galbraith Road.  Samuel was a nurse’s aide at the home.

Samuel has been charged with rape, felonious assault, and patient abuse.  On the night in which the incident occurred, a nurse was trying to get into the elderly woman’s room at around 5 AM.  The door was closed and locked, and this was not normal in the home.  She unlocked the door. When she walked in, she found the elderly woman in bed. She was not wearing underwear, and her nightgown was pulled up.  She also saw men’s clothing on the floor, and subsequently discovered Samuel in the woman’s bathroom.

The nurse called the police immediately. Soon thereafter, the local police began their investigation of the alleged rape  The victim was taken to the hospital. After being examined and treated, she was placed with Cincinnati Hospice Care.  Samuel was fired, charged with rape, and could face 19 and one-half years in prison.

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