Woman Falls Off Cliff While Texting.

Maria Pestrikoff, a young woman from Alaska, recently slipped and fell some 60 feet off a cliff while she was walking and texting.

Pestrikoff was apparently attempting to send a text message on her cell phone while she was walking toward the edge of the cliff to dispose of her cigarette butt. She reportedly lost her footing on wet grass and slipped and fell nearly 60 feet onto the rocky Kodiak beach below.

Anthony Burke, Pestrikoff’s friend, discovered her stuck between large boulders along the beach and notified authorities.

Firefighters rappelled down the side of the cliff and were able to extricate Pestrikoff from the boulders and lift her out of harm’s way before the incoming tide became an issue.

Pestrikoff was transported by ambulance to the Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center emergency room where she was then airlifted to a hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. She is still recovering in the hospital from her personal injuries, a month after falling.

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