New York Widow Sues Skydiving Company and Pilot for Aviation Personal Injury Resulting in Husband’s Death.

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The widow of Wayne Kidrowski is suing a skydiving company, as well as one of its pilots, for the death of her 56-year-old husband who plummeted to his death last August. Her husband fell nearly 600 feet to the ground after being sucked out of one of the company’s planes.

The attorneys handling the lawsuit are claiming that, among other things, the company was not in compliance or up to-date with federal aviation regulations, in addition to engaging in other negligent or reckless behavior.

The deceased actually entered the plane being piloted by Andrew Arthur with no intention of skydiving that day. Before takeoff, there was no safety briefing instruction given by the pilot. Moreover, while skydiving planes are allowed to operate without doors, this one did not employ the use of its roll-up door. Further, there was only one seat inside the plane with a seatbelt. That seat was reserved for the pilot; all other seats had been previously removed. Mr. Kidrowski was handed a parachute to wear, which is believed to have been a key factor contributing to his death.

While flying at approximately 1,000 feet, the wind pressure forced the victim out of the plane and his parachute was caught on the plane’s tail. This caused the pilot to temporarily lose control of the plane, and it dropped in altitude by a few hundred feet. At that point, the pilot was able to once again gain control. The parachute, however, came off the tail of the plane, and the victim fell to his death. All the while, the pilot claims that it was his belief that Mr. Kidrowski “had control” over his parachute.

In her lawsuit, Mr. Kidrowski’s widow is seeking damages for: loss of spousal support, loss of enjoyment of life, and pre-impact terror damages, in addition to punitive damages against the defendants.

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