Mexican Fireworks Factory Explosion Tragically Kills 35.

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Transporting and storing hazardous substances can be extremely dangerous.  Companies and individuals that do so on a daily basis are held to a high standard of care to take every reasonable precaution necessary in order to prevent exposure or combustion.  When an incident does occur, it can often have a catastrophic result.

A recent reminder of this form of catastrophe occurred in Tultepec, Mexico. Tultepec has been a traditional location for the storage and assembly of fireworks for over two-hundred years, and the city hosts a massive fireworks festival every year.  Last month, there was a massive explosion at the fireworks market, which caused a chain reaction that resulted in thousands of pyrotechnics combusting on the ground.  While the market has had explosions and injuries in the past, this one was by far the most devastating.

According to CNN, the powerful, deadly blasts sent huge plumes of smoke billowing into the sky and shook the ground in neighboring towns. The bodies of 28 people who died have been identified and returned to their relatives. Authorities say it could be days before they can determine the identities of the other seven victims.  Dozens more people have reported injuries ranging from minor to severe, and hospitals and emergency crews are still treating those affected by the explosion.  The exact cause and circumstances of the explosion are still under investigation.

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