Man Killed While Working On Plane.

John F. Cox, of Lincoln, Nebraska, was working on a plane that he built when it hit him after he got it started, pushing him into a nearby hangar and killing him.  Apparently, when he got the plane started, it was in full throttle and hit him.

According to authorities, John F. Cox was working on the Titan tornado SS, that was made by and registered to him, at the Beatrice Municipal Airport, in Beatrice, Nebraska, when the plane hit and killed him.  Erin Byrne, the Beatrice Police investigator said that “the plane hit [Cox], pushing him into a nearby hanger.”  A witness told Beatrice Police investigators that Cox was working on the plane, which he had built himself.  He was trying to start the plane, but when he managed to get it started, it was in full throttle and hit him.  The Federal Aviation Administration records show that the plane was, in fact, registered to John F. Cox and that he built it himself.

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