Hang-Glider Pilot Sentenced To Five Months In Prison After Passenger’s Death.

The 51-year-old hang-glider pilot has been held criminally responsible for the untimely death of 28-year-old passenger Lenami Godinez Avila back in April of 2012. Although he was a veteran hang-glider pilot, he failed to follow proper safety procedure and forgot to hook Ms. Godinez-Avila to the hang-glider.

According to police, pilot William Jon Orders failed to hook his passenger to the glider and missed several fundamental steps during a prelaunch safety check. These mistakes, it was determined by a British Colombia Court recently, is what caused Ms. Godinez-Avila to fall nearly 300 meters to her death.

After the pilot landed, he swallowed the memory card containing video of the tragic accident. He was originally charged with obstruction of justice, but that charge was later dropped. The video was later recovered and viewed by the judges in chambers. In the end, Orders was sentenced to five months in prison, a sentence that the victim’s father feels is far too light. No civil charges have been waged against the pilot or tandem hang-gliding company as of yet.

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