Florida Man Sues for Medical Malpractice After Having Penis Amputated.

Enrique Milla has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in Florida against Dr. Laurentiu Boeru, the anesthesiologist involved in the penile implant surgery that resulted in the amputation of Milla’s penis.

Milla claims that he went to the doctors for elective penile implant surgery to correct his erectile dysfunction. After the procedure was complete, however, Milla contracted gangrene in his penis, forcing doctors to amputate it in order to save his life.

Milla alleges that Boeru was negligent in failing to postpone the surgery and clearing him for the procedure, given Milla’s diabetes and high blood pressure. Legal experts agree that if it is determined that Boeru, in his capacity as the anesthesiologist, had a medical duty to determine the patient’s fitness for surgery, he could be found liable for personal injury damages.

Milla already settled a 2009 lawsuit against the urologist who performed the surgery that led to his amputated penis.

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