Energy Drink Lawsuits on the Rise Due to Possible Link to Heart Defects.

The law requires that goods that are sold in commerce be of a certain minimum quality.  This is particularly the case when the product is something edible.  Food and drink manufacturers and sellers are mandated by law to abide by strict parameters and regulations.  If a corporation intentionally sells harmful products, or unknowingly sells harmful products that it should have known were harmful, they may be held accountable for any injuries that result from ingesting or eating their product.

One food item that tends to get a lot of scrutiny for potential health risks is energy drinks, such as Red Bull, Amp, Rock Star, and Monster Energy.  It is sometimes suggested that their bursts of energy come with damaging side-effects, which can cause serious damage over time.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, US consumer consumption of energy drinks has more than doubled since 2008, and over one-third of teens consume energy drinks.  This is causing some health officials to be concerned because energy drinks have been linked to cardiovascular problems, such as high blood pressure, heart palpitations, cardiac arrest and death. There have already been multiple documented hospitalizations due to the consumption of energy drinks, most often for caffeine overdose, dehydration, and heat exhaustion. According to, the Warning Network reported that more than 13,000 emergency room visits in 2009 were associated with energy drinks.

Congress and the FDA are reviewing energy drinks to see if they should demand that they reduce the amounts of sugar or caffeine in order to prevent so many hospitalizations.  Meanwhile, there have been an increasing number of lawsuits against energy drink manufacturers.  The first wrongful death lawsuit against an energy drink manufacturer was filed in 2012 by the family of 14-year-old Anais Fournier against Monster Energy Drinks.  Since then, there have been multiple wrongful death and other personal injury lawsuits filed, alleging that the drinks’ marketing campaigns and ingredients make them harmful to consumers, particularly teenagers.

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