Cat Travels Six Miles From Animal Shelter Back to His New Hampshire Home.

Wollie the cat recently walked six miles in three days in New Hampshire to return to his owner, Barbara Oliphant. 

Oliphant took in Wollie when he was a stray. But when Oliphant’s husband had a stroke and was hospitalized, she could no longer care for Wollie and gave him up to the local New Hampshire Animal Rescue League. 

As Oliphant’s husband started to feel better, she began to miss Wollie.  Oliphant’s daughter went to the Animal Rescue League to adopt Wollie as a surprise for her mother, but Wollie escaped from the cat carrier in the animal shelter parking lot.  Remarkably, just three days later, Oliphant saw Wollie crossing the street and approaching her home.

Oliphant reports that Wollie ate three cans of cat food and then slept for almost an entire day to recover from his long journey.

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