Burn Injury Study Shows Dramatic Increase In Burn Injury Survivals Over Past 30 Years.

On March 9 of this year, the Journal of the American College of Surgeons published a study that was conducted over a period of nearly thirty years involving burn injury victims being admitted into hospitals. This study showed a dramatic rise in the rate at which burn victims have survived their injuries. It took into consideration a wide range of variables in these instances of personal injury, including a burn victim’s age, how much of their body was burned, and how long each victim was hospitalized, in addition to other variables such as if there were any injuries from smoke inhalation.

Over the course of this study, there were believed to have been 10,384 new burn admissions, with only a small percentage ending up being fatal. Of those who didn’t survive their burn injuries, the average age of a victim was only 13 years-old. The average percent of total body surface area burned for those who didn’t survive was 11%.  Each year of the study showed a continuous decrease in the mortality rate of burn injury victims from the previous year. On average, there was about a 2% decrease per decade.

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