Artificial Hip Manufacturer Settles Lawsuit for $1 Billion Dollars.

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When buying goods, people operate under the presumption that what they’re buying will be of a certain minimum quality and dependability. But what happens when a product, or an entire series of products, are defective or otherwise improperly made? The unassuming purchaser may be injured because of such a defect. This is especially true when the device is of a medical or surgical nature. While medical science has developed enough to allow us to replace some defective body parts with prosthetics, the prosthetic being used must be of the highest quality and caliber to avoid future complications for the patient.

A lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles, CA because thousands of patients believed that the Howmedica Osteonics Corporation did not provide a high quality product when they manufactured the Stryker Orthopedics Rejuvenate Modular Hip System. The Stryker Modular Hip System (MHS) was a part of a massive product recall in 2012. The Stryker MHS was frequently used in procedures to replace a fractured or defective hip with a new, artificial one. Due to the Stryker MHS’s design, metal-on-metal friction could cause the unit to decay over time, and produce metal fragments within the patient. This lead to some patients suffering from metallosis, a putative medical condition involving build-up of metal debris in the soft tissues of the body. Reports also link the Stryker MHS to higher rates of heart failure and requiring additional revision surgery for many patients.

Thousands of patients joined together and filed a massive class action lawsuit against Howmedica Osteonics for injuries and expenses they suffered as a result of the Stryker MHS. Due to the large number of plaintiffs and the high cost of replacement surgery, Howmedica Osteonics agreed to settle the lawsuit by paying the plaintiffs $1 billion dollars for their pain and suffering, as well as future medical expenses. This roughly translates to a $300,000 award for each patient in the lawsuit that underwent surgery to have the Stryker MHS installed.

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