Alabama Man Re-Files Amended Suit for Alleged Non-Consented Penis Amputation.

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The courts have strict rules regarding medical malpractice. Due to the seriousness and professionalism expected from our medical professionals, they are held accountable for any harm that comes to a patient due to a doctor’s negligence or lack of due care. Doctors are not without the ability to make errors, and they may often be held liable for the harm resulting from those errors. Birmingham, AL resident Johnny Lee Banks Jr. knows this, and has amended his lawsuit against the Princeton Baptist Medical Center and a group of doctors to add more surgeons and adjust several dates. On Feb. 10, 2014, Banks underwent a scheduled routine circumcision. When he awoke, Banks was shocked to see that his penis had been amputated. In his lawsuit, Banks alleges that this was done without his consent or knowledge, nor was he ever warned that amputation was a risk. The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages.

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