World-Wide Collaborative Scientist Study Links Brain Function To Genes.

Scientists around the globe are currently working together to better understand the biology of brain function. More specifically, the scientists are studying which genes play a role in intelligence and memory. According to the scientists who are involved in the collaborative study, the genes that they are focusing on may only have a slight effect on how people think and how they behave. However, other factors, such as one’s general health and education, play a significant role in intelligence, and have the potential to counteract the effect of any single gene.

The scientists effectively pooled their resources regarding brain imaging studies and created one large database. The database contains brain imaging results from some 21,000 people. The results were then analyzed by the scientists in an effort to determine whether the genes were linked to brain size. As this study was being performed, a second study was being done by researchers at Boston University. The results of the two studies were not the same. However, both studies did reveal that people who had a particular variant of the overall-size gene had brains that were approximately one percent bigger than people who carried a different variant. 

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