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Scars are the marks that remain on the skin after a wound has been unable to heal to the condition it was in before a Massachusetts injury. In order for wounded skin to heal, the wound must close fully. Once it does, new skin grows over the wounded area and oftentimes results in a scar. Usually the skin of a scar is a different shade or texture than the undamaged skin around it. A variety of factors determine what the scar will ultimately look like. These factors include: genetic factors; the type, location, size and severity of the wound; and the course of treatment. Some instances when scarring may occur include Massachusetts motor vehicle accidents, Massachusetts dog bites and Massachusetts slip and fall accidents.

Whenever the skin is opened and wounded as a result, scarring may occur. Initially, scars usually look thick and red; however, most scars fade as time passes. Some Massachusetts residents develop keloids on the original scar site, which are collagen overgrowths that grow beyond the size of the original wound. Other Massachusetts residents may be prone to hypertrophic scars, which result in raised, red bumps on the skin where the injury occurred. Surgical procedures, such as dermabrasion and laser treatments, exist to diminish the appearance of a scar. However, it is rare that a scar will exactly resemble the skin’s appearance prior to the wound.

When a scar, burn or awkwardly shaped body part affects a person’s appearance, it is said that the person has a disfigurement. Disfigurements often lead to psychological and emotional distress. This distress often includes depression, low self esteem, negative body image and paranoia with respect to the reactions of others. Plastic and reconstructive surgeries exist for those Massachusetts residents who wish to minimize the look of their disfigurement; however, it is rare that surgery will fix the problem altogether. Disfigurements can be caused by Massachusetts accidents of all kinds, including Massachusetts auto accidents, Massachusetts animal bites, Massachusetts heavy machinery mishaps and Massachusetts burns. Violent acts, such as assaults, can also lead to scars and disfigurements.

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