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With respect to all Massachusetts personal injury claims, the grounds for finding that a person or company is responsible for your damages, as a matter of law, is proving that the other party was negligent. The fault of the other party is established by demonstrating that they did something wrong, or otherwise violated a legal duty that was owed to the injured person.

Massachusetts negligence with respect to a personal injury accident can be thought of as a finding that a person or entity behaved carelessly or otherwise improperly, and that this misconduct resulted in injury to another person. The at-fault party, namely the person that is found to be negligent, is liable for any damages that may have been caused due to his or her carelessness or mistake. Settlement negotiations and cases in court often involve a dispute about which party is at fault with respect to the Massachusetts accident.

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Negligence, more specifically, is defined under Massachusetts law as the failure to exercise the degree of care that an ordinary, reasonable and cautious person would have exercised, given all of the facts and circumstances that existed in a particular situation. Negligence can involve either action or a failure to act. When an individual or business entity fails to exercise the degree of care required under the circumstances, and a Massachusetts resident sustains a personal injury, then the injured Massachusetts party can bring a claim for money damages.

Under Massachusetts law, negligence consists of four elements:

(1) Duty,

(2) Breach,

(3) Causation, and

(4) Damages.

In order to recover money damages for your Massachusetts personal injuries, all four elements must be shown and proven.

Negligence has been the primary standard of civil liability for Massachusetts personal injury cases for the last 150 years or so. In addition, negligence cases constitute the largest item of business on the civil side of the Massachusetts trial courts docket.

In Massachusetts personal injury claims, the injured person, legally referred to as the plaintiff, attempts to prove that the other person, referred to as the defendant, was at fault for the Massachusetts accident. The plaintiff will likely claim that his or her injuries are due to the negligence of the defendant. Such negligence is based on the defendant’s failure to fulfill his or her legal obligation and protect the safety of the plaintiff, by causing an accident which resulted in harm or injury to the plaintiff.

Our nationally respected Boston, Massachusetts personal injury lawyers are experts with respect to injury cases and accident claims arising out of Massachusetts personal injury accidents. Our Boston accident attorneys will represent you or your loved in your personal injury claim and personal injury trial with no attorney’s fees being paid to us – not one cent – unless and until we first win your case. Our Boston accident law firm does not receive any attorney’s fees, not one thin dime, unless we get money damages for your or your loved one’s injuries and put money in your pocket. We only get paid if you get paid, so we are in this together. Our Boston accident law firm receives what is known as a contingent fee only out of the money damages that we get you for your injuries. Our Boston personal injury lawyer professionals will work hard to maximize your money damages. In addition, our Boston personal injury attorneys do not charge our clients for any out-of-pocket costs unless we first win your Massachusetts accident case. Out-of-pocket costs include fees paid for obtaining your or your loved one’s medical records and bills regarding your accident and for expert reports and other similar expenses. These fees are almost always very small in comparison to the total settlement amount or other money damages that you recover.

It is highly beneficial for you to promptly get in touch with one of our Boston accident injury lawyers as soon as you can at 617-787-3700 after a Massachusetts accident in which you or your loved one are injured. This should be done without trying to settle your own claim or contacting or speaking with any of the other parties or insurance companies that may be involved. When prospective injury clients, in the past, have acted contrary to our advice, and have tried to work out issues on their own for their own Massachusetts injury claims, without first having benefited from the expert advice of one of our Boston personal injury attorneys, they have regularly had to later request assistance prior to a settlement of their case. Far too often, there have also already been serious harmful issues that have arisen regarding their cases that sometimes cannot be corrected. A key reason for this is that an insurance company will not take a client as seriously, who is not represented by competent personal injury counsel, and is thus more likely to treat the client unfairly. Insurance companies are well aware that our Boston accident injury lawyers know the law and how much your case is worth. If you do not get the expert legal advice from our injury lawyers, the insurance company also does not face the possibility of a lawsuit for money damages in a Massachusetts court, and will, therefore, attempt to settle your personal injury claim for pennies on the dollar. Please call our Boston law firm right away at 617-787-3700.

For example, you may believe that a $50,000.00 settlement to resolve your personal injury case is fair and reasonable. The true value of your case, however, may exceed $250,000,000. Our Boston accident attorneys have more than two decades of experience in maximizing the money damages recovered by our Massachusetts personal injury clients. Typically, individuals who end up settling their own injury claims are only able to recover a small fraction of what our Boston injury attorneys would have been able to recover for them. So please don’t undervalue your case by acting alone. Call our Boston accident lawyers today at 617-787-3700!

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