Woman Steals $650,000 From Man With Alzheimer’s After Assuming Caretaker Role.

An eleven month-long investigation by the Santa Barbara, California Police Department has culminated in the arrest of 57 year-old Rebekah Baugh, who has now been criminally charged with grand theft, financial elder abuse and elder neglect.

The 57 year-old Santa Barbara, CA resident became the primary caretaker of an 80 year-old Alzheimer’s patient, after his last local relative passed away several years ago. When distant relatives came to visit him in 2012, they realized that the man was a victim of elder abuse and neglect. He was malnourished, covered in filth, and living in squalor. A police investigation revealed that, in the course of just one year, the woman had managed to convert over $650,000 of the victim’s savings. Additionally, Baugh arranged for the elderly man to purchase a mobile home residence for Baugh’s use, and added her name to the victim’s bank accounts.

When the man’s family uncovered the extent of the financial abuse, they immediately intervened. The woman responded by taking the victim to the local courthouse to get married. She filed for divorce just two weeks after the divorce had been granted, and demanded spousal support in the amount of $10,000 per month.

After a lengthy investigation, the Santa Barbara Police criminally charged the woman with crimes of grand theft, financial elder abuse, and elder neglect. Baugh is awaiting trial in the Santa Barbara County Jail.

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