Wolf-Husky Hybrid Bites 4-Month-Old Boy, Sending Him To The Hospital.

Many states operate under the “One Bite Rule” for the liability of dog owners over their pets. Under the One Bite Rule, dog owners will be strictly liable for injuries their dog causes only if the owner knew or had reason to know that the dog was likely to bite or attack. In Massachusetts, dog owners and keepers are generally strictly liable for all injuries their dogs cause. Of course, having a history of previous bites and attacks will put the owner on notice that their dog poses this type of danger.

A wolf-husky hybrid bit a four-month-old boy in the abdomen, causing severe personal injuries that required hospitalization and surgery. The attack occurred around 8:41 AM the morning of Friday, June 27th, on Eleys Ford Road in Culpeper County, Virginia. According to the Daily Progress, the canine is a three-year-old black and grey wolf-husky hybrid.   The infant’s grandfather witnesses the horrific attack and shot at the dog with his firearm. Upon hearing the shot, the canine ran off into an open field, evading police pursuit. By the time night fell in Culpeper Country that night, the dog was still on the loose.

Apparently, keeping a part-wolf pet is getting to be more commonplace in America. The animals are bred by crossing wolves with wolf-like breeds, including the Siberian husky, German shepherd and Alaskan malamute. In rarer instances, wolf-hybrids may occur in nature if a wild wolf mates with a female domestic dog. It is estimated that as many as 300,000 wolf hybrids exist in the United States today. In light of this surge, many cities across the country prohibit keeping wolf hybrids as pets. Statistically, wolf hybrids are known to have an unpredictable temperament, making them particularly dangerous.

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