Utah Woman Ordered to Quarantine Dog After Passing Cyclist Was Attacked.

Many states, including Massachusetts, apply strict liability to dog owners or keepers, i.e., so long as the injured party was nottrespassing, or teasing, tormenting or abusing the dog, the owner or keeper can be held strictly liable for all damages caused by the dog bite or attack.  This means that all one has to do to prove their case to the court or insurance company is show that they sustained injuries from a dog attack incident and that the other party was, in fact, the dog’s keeper or owner at the time of the incident.  When assuming responsibility for a dog, you may also be held responsible for its actions.

Generally, dog bites are covered by the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy.  However, if the dog owner does not have insurance, or if their policy does not cover injuries caused by dogs, then the only remedy is to file a lawsuit against the owner of the dog and go after the owner’s personal assets.

Washington County, Utah resident Richard Holt reportedly is going to file a personal injury lawsuit after being attacked by a dog this month.  Holt was riding his bicycle along Highway 265 on Wednesday, when a dog rammed into him and bit him on his leg.  The dog’s owner, Ashtyon Slavens, told 4029tv.com that her dog Bebe is a 2-year-old mutt, and wouldn’t hurt anyone unless provoked.  Holt asserts, however, that he was simply minding his own business and was attacked without provocation.  As a result of his injuries, Holt says he cannot walk or ride his bike, which used to be a daily routine.  Police have reportedly ordered Slavens to quarantine her dog, meaning it cannot leave her home and if in the yard must be connected to a leash within a fence.  If Holt is found to have not provoked the dog, Slavens may be held financially accountable for Holt’s personal injuries.

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