Unborn Baby Flies From Mother’s Womb In Motorcycle Crash That Kills Parents.

Father-to-be Mao Zhau was rushing to get his pregnant wife to the hospital so she could deliver their son. The expecting parents were riding to the hospital on a motorcycle when a truck struck them. The mother and father died in the accident. However, by a miracle, the unborn child was catapulted from his mother’s womb and survived the crash.

According to eyewitnesses, the truck careened into the motorcycle and then proceeded to actually run over the mother’s stomach and father’s body. Witnesses say the accident and the birth were almost simultaneous: “She gave birth on the spot.” Some witnesses described the birth as more of a catapult, as if the child had been thrown from the mother’s womb upon impact. No matter how it happened, the baby boy was born healthy at 4.2 kg. He suffered only minor bruises in the crash.

The accident, which occurred in China, made front-page news. Many people have come forward to donate to the newly orphaned baby boy, named Xiao Zhao. The truck driver is being held in investigative custody.

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