Toyota Recalls 2.5 Million US Vehicles For Faulty Power Window Switches.

In the largest single recall in the last 16 years, Toyota has recalled 2.5 million motor vehicles in the United States and 7.43 million vehicles worldwide, due to a problem with power window switches.

Last Wednesday, Toyota publicly revealed that the power window switches in many of its recent models may cause fires in the driver-side door. The problem stems from the under-greasing of the switches at Toyota’s factories, which can cause the switches to stick or feel “notchy.” If aftermarket grease is applied to the switch, it may short the switch and cause a fire.

Later this month, Toyota dealers will begin repairing the switches by applying special fluorine grease, free of charge, to the affected switches.

The federal National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has yet to post the recall on its website. The NHTSA has been investigating Toyota power window switch fires since February of this year.

To date, the NHTSA has recorded 161 complaints of fires, 49 warranty claims related to fires, and 9 injuries related to the fires. There are no known fatalities from the product defect.

Within the past two months, Honda and General Motors also recalled vehicles due to power window switch fires, but in much smaller quantities. Honda recalled some 268,000 vehicles and General Motors recalled 250,000 SUVs.

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