Tennessee Mother Cries Foul After Daughter Sent Home 24 Times For Offensive Odor.

A Washington County School District school in Tennessee has sent home an 8 year-old girl 24 times during this past school year for her offensive smell and refusal to use proper hygiene.

According to the girl’s mother, Krysal Hensley, the school has sent her daughter home, who is in the second grade, despite several efforts by the family to correct the odor problem.

Hensley says that her daughter has seen a doctor, and the odor does not appear to be a medical problem. She also indicated that her daughter is sent home at least once a month by the school.

The suspensions were prompted by complaints from students and teachers about the girl’s smell. The complaints expressed how students and teachers alike are unable to focus on school work and conducting class due to the offensive odor.

The school, which has not been identified, warns that the suspensions will continue if the odor problem is not corrected. The director of schools in the Washington County School District, Ron Dykes, says that children are only sent home from school if their family refuses to use proper hygiene or does not require the child to use proper hygiene.

Dykes says that, in the rare cases where this occurs, the school must send the child home so as not to interfere with the learning of other students. When the odor is so overpowering and extremely offensive to other students and teachers, the child must be temporarily removed from the school until the hygiene issue is addressed.

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