Snow Pile Breaks Car Accident Victim’s 50-Foot Fall.

James Fay was driving home from lunch when his SUV rolled over and ejected him 50-feet through the sunroof and over a nearby overpass. The man landed on a pile of snow and somehow managed to survive the tragic accident.

The accident occurred on Route 1 in Revere in mid-December. Mr. Fay was driving home after lunch when he crashed his SUV. The vehicle rolled over, and ejected the driver. He was thrown 50-feet in the air off an overpass. He landed on Route 60 below, where a recent snowfall padded his fall.

Although Fay broke several ribs, his hip and both wrists in the accident, police and medical teams say it is a miracle that he survived. The man was actually standing on his own when rescue arrived at the scene. He is calling it a Christmas miracle.

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