Shell and Dupont Agree to Pay Millions in Damages For Defective Water Hoses.

We live in a fairly complex world. Everything in our lives, from travel, to work, to entertainment, has become increasingly more advanced. A side-effect of this advancement is that there is now a considerable dependability on the multiple products we use every day. We not only expect the goods we buy to operate well, but often depend on them to do so. This is why, when a manufacturer intentionally cuts corners, or negligently produces a defective product used by customers, they may be held accountable for their misconduct.

Two such manufacturers are Shell and Dupont, who have agreed to pay $50 million in damages for their production of a defective product. A class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of nearly 750,000 homeowners in Canada who had homes with leaky water and heating pipes. Shell and Dupont have been manufacturing Polybutylene, also known as Poly-B, pipes for home installation since the 1970’s. The pipes have been found to have cracks and leaks, damaging home owners’ walls, floors, and ceilings. Rather than go through a trial, Shell and Dupont agreed to settle the lawsuit and give the sum of $50 million to the homeowners.

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