School Bus Flips Over As It Collides With NYC Cab.

A NYC Cab and a school bus collided at 3:40 pm on Monday, March 19, 2014 in Brooklyn, causing the school bus to flip over, resulting in injuries to nine people, including six children who were passengers on the bus.


The impact of the crash sent the taxi flying into a nearby light pole and flipped the school bus over on its side, trapping the children who were on board inside.  The three injured adults and six injured children were transported to Woodhull Medical Center and Kings County Hospital.  One witness, who was on the street corner at the time of the accident and saw the aftermath of the crash says that the children “were completely hysterical” and that “they were screaming, yelling, jumping around.”

Several witnesses immediately rushed over to help the passengers off the overturned school bus and were able to get the bus door open and make their way inside to help passengers.  The child passengers of the bus all had special needs, as they were all non-verbal and autistic.  According to residents, accidents happen at the intersection where the bus and cab collided all the time.  Residents are outraged that this particular accident involved children.

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