Parents Of Drowned Boy Sue Real Estate And Construction Companies.

Ten-year-old D’Angelo McMullen died on January 13 when he fell into an icy Montgomery County pond. His parents are suing several real estate and construction-related companies claiming they should have raised a safety fence during construction as mandated by the city.

Ten-year-old D’Angelo was with his brother and friend when the trio approached the pond near their townhouse development. Several real estate and construction companies had been developing property in the area, including houses, apartments and stores near interstates 270 and 370. Part of this development included building a sediment and storm water pond. According to the lawsuit and city officials, the pond was supposed to be surrounded by a barrier during construction.

There was no barrier as the boys approached the icy pond on January 13th. D’Angelo stepped onto the ice, which initially held his lightweight body. Eventually, the ice broke and he fell into the freezing water. His brother and friend could not save him without falling in themselves. Rescue crews pulled his body from the water thirty-minutes later.

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