Nursing Home Resident Dies From Infection—Case Settles for $750,000.

In 2004, a nursing home resident was found in her bed – unattended – with a spiral fracture of her left tibia and a fracture of her left fibula. An investigation determined that she could not have injured herself in such a fashion, but the exact cause of the injury was undetermined.

The woman was required to be hospitalized, and she received casting for her fractures. When she returned to the nursing home, her immobility caused her to suffer from dehydration and develop both a pressure ulcer on her coccyx and a urinary tract infection.

After she was transferred to another nursing home in August 2005, her pressure ulcer progressed and she became infected.  This was allegedly because she was not turned and repositioned properly. As a result of her mistreatment, the infection worsened and she became dehydrated and malnourished, eventually passing away in November 2005.

Representatives of the woman’s estate brought a lawsuit on her behalf against the nursing homes for wrongful death damages resulting from the neglect of her pressure ulcer. The case was settled out of court for $750,000.

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