Mitt Romney’s Brother-In-Law Sued For Medical Malpractice.

James A. Davies has undoubtedly turned his focus away from the presidential campaign of his brother-in-law, Mitt Romney, in order to focus on more personal matters. Davies is the medical director of the Davies Eye Center and is now facing a lawsuit for alleged medical malpractice.

According to the allegations of the medical malpractice complaint, Suzon Dellinger went to the Davies Eye Center complaining of several eye related issues, including itchiness, irritation, and a filmy discharge. The physicians did not treat her eye then, however, and instead directed her to come back in ten days.

According to Dellinger, this failure to treat her eye caused her to develop glaucoma. She has already had surgery on that eye. The eye has lost most of its vision already, and is expected to permanently lose all of its vision in the future.

Davies and the other defendants have denied any wrongdoing and instead allege that Dellinger’s own conduct caused her vision loss.

Dellinger trusted Davies and the Davies Eye Center with her vision. Although most interactions with medical professionals, such as optometrists, result in a healthier patient, some medical professionals make serious medical mistakes that can cause permanent personal injuries like vision loss.

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