McDonald’s Employees File Lawsuit After Suffering Burn Injuries and Being Told to Treat With Condiments.

“Suck it up and rub some dirt on it.”  Did you ever hear this brazen phrase, or some variation of it?  In all likelihood, if you did, your first memory of it probably has something to do with sports or just being “tough” in general.  Getting injured in a sport is not unusual and toughness is an objective characteristic.  For example, “sucking it up” and refusing to seek treatment for an injury might seem tough and gritty; but in reality, it’s just plain stupid.

For many years, American society has been strongly influenced by the male agenda.  Being tough and not showing pain or emotion have been the hallmark of a “man’s man.” Thankfully, that paradigm is shifting.  Persevering through pain is an admirable trait when circumstances require it, but when medical attention is ready and available, the decision to refuse it is nothing short of ignorant.

Brittney Berry has worked at a McDonald’s restaurant in Chicago since 2011.  Just recently, she and a number of other restaurant employees have filed complaints for incidents relating to burn injuries suffered on the job.

According to USA Today, more than 28 civil complaints have been filed against the “super-size me” fast food giant.  The complaints cover 19 cities in total.

The lawsuits, filed with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), allege that understaffing and pressure to work too fast are the drivers behind the worker injuries. They also allege that many McDonald’s restaurants lack the basic first-aid or protective gear necessary to ensure workers’ safety.

Berry’s case, however, may be the most shocking one of them all.  She claims that several months ago, her manager had been forcing her to work faster.  But when she tried to hurry, she slipped on a wet kitchen floor and her arm fell onto a hot grill.  She suffered a significant burn, but her manager had no burn cream to treat it with.  Instead, she was offered packets of mustard and mayonnaise to put on her burn.

Berry was later brought by ambulance to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed  her with nerve damage in her left forearm.

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