Man Arrested for Spitting at MBTA Bus Driver.

Boston Personal Injury LawyerRafael Guzman, 21, of Boston, MA, was recently arrested for spitting at an MBTA bus driver. Guzman was arrested at the corner of Washington and Boylston streets in Boston on Wednesday on assault charges in connection with an April 18th incident at Warren and Hazelwood streets. Guzman and another male apparently boarded the bus at that intersection, and when asked to pay the fare, Guzman turned around and spat on the driver, while the other man “verbally threatened the operator while reaching toward his waistband, implying that he had a weapon.”

The arrest of Guzman took nearly a month to make because current procedure for arresting those who assault MBTA drivers require authorities to summon suspects to a later court date, unless a police officer actually witnessed the assault. MBTA Police are seeking a change to that law, allowing police to arrest suspects on buses and other MBTA property even where officers did not witness the incident.

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