HVAC Technician Develops Seizure Disorder After Shock.

A 27 year-old HVAC technician was servicing a refrigeration system at a Massachusetts Veteran’s Administration building when his hand came into contact with wires coming out of an uncovered junction box.  The technician was shocked and diagnosed with an electrical accident injury.  He returned to work six weeks later, but continued to suffer from fatigue.  Approximately nine months later, the technician was found unconscious and unresponsive.  After many tests, physicians diagnosed the technician with a seizure disorder.  The doctors attributed the disorder to the technician’s electrocution and previous head injuries.  After his diagnosis, the technician could no longer drive a car or return to any kind of gainful employment.  A judge awarded the technician 1.93 million dollars but reduced the award by 50% for the plaintiff’s own negligence.

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