Hundreds Of People Filing Skechers Shape-Up Personal Injury Lawsuits.

Hundreds of people have joined together to file a personal injury lawsuit against the popular sneakers manufacturer Skechers. The suit alleges that the company’s “Shape-Ups” shoe design caused foot injuries so severe that one woman even had to undergo expensive and invasive surgery to correct the physical damage caused by the alleged product defect.

The newest plaintiff to the lawsuit, a woman from Mississippi, claims she bought Shape-Ups in January of 2011, and then regularly wore the sneakers. Within in months of wearing them, she says, she began experiencing severe pain in her right foot. She was later diagnosed with hallux valgus, hammer toe, and claw toe deformity. According to the lawsuit, she underwent expensive and invasive surgery to correct the foot deformities in June of 2012. However, she says she still suffers from foot pain and use limitations as a result of her injuries.

The lawsuit goes on to allege that not only was the sneakers’ design dangerous, but that Skechers intentionally misled the public about the safety and health benefits associated with Shape-Ups. The suit claims Skechers failed to adequately test the product before marketing it to the public as a good alternative to going to the gym.

To date, Skechers has been ordered to pay more than $40 million to settle a majority of the injury lawsuits against it.

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