Fraternity Members Likely To Be Criminally Charged In The Death Of College Student.

Baruch College student, Chun “Michael” Deng, died on Monday, December 9, 2013. Pennsylvania prosecutors have now announced that the members of Deng’s fraternity will likely be criminally charged in connection with his death.

According to reports, the Psi Delta Fi chapter of New York’s Baruch College was conducting its new pledge ritual called “glass ceiling.” The pledging took place in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains on Monday.  Deng was blindfolded, and he was required to wear a backpack full of sand, weighing approximately 20 pounds. Deng’s objective was to reach a fraternity member who was calling out to him, while other members of the fraternity pushed Deng away from the objective.  During this endeavor, Deng fell backwards and struck his head on the ground. Deng was knocked unconscious in the fall.

After he was knocked unconscious, the brothers allegedly carried him indoors near a fireplace. It is believed that they then began to research his symptoms and the location of the nearest hospital emergency room.  According to police investigators, however, at least two hours had passed before Deng received any kind of medical assistance.

Finally, the members of the fraternity drove Deng to an emergency room, where physicians determined that he had suffered multiple traumatic brain injuries in the trip and fall accident. Deng was shortly thereafter pronounced brain dead as a result of his skull injuries.  An autopsy of Deng’s body revealed no traces of drugs or alcohol.

The fraternity is now conducting its own investigation. Baruch College is cooperating with Pennsylvania police in the police investigation of the fatal slip, trip and fall injury.

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