FBI: US Border Agent Killed By Friendly Fire.

FBI investigators say that they believe that friendly fire was responsible for the death of a Border Patrol agent who was killed on Tuesday in Arizona. 

Although they have not reached any final conclusions, the investigators said that the evidence strongly points to fire from another border control agent as the cause of 30 year-old Nicholas Ivie’s fatal injuries.

The wrongful death incident occurred on Tuesday, October 2, near the Mexico border in Arizona.

Ivie and several other border control agents were responding as a group to tripped sensors near the border.  Ivie’s group was approaching the sensors from the south when another group of agents, approaching from the north, apparently mistook the agents for criminals and opened fire upon them.

Ivie was fatally wounded in the ensuing gunfire.

Another agent, who has not yet been identified, was also injured in the friendly fire.

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