Family of Victim Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Plane Crash Kills Two People.

The National Transportation Safety Board data for recent years shows that there are over 1,300 airplane crashes annually.  Of these airplane accidents, over 1,000 involve serious injuries but no fatalities.  These statistics indicate that travelers are more likely to be injured than killed in an aviation accident.  This fact, however, does not detract from a realization that the types of personal injuries sustained in aviation accidents are most often very severe and catastrophic.  Catastrophic injuries caused by an airplane accident can have a destructive impact on the physical, emotional and financial well being of victims and their families.  Our expert Boston personal injury attorneys can help you recover the fair and just financial compensation to help ensure that you receive the finest medical care and treatment for your aviation accident injuries.

On October 17, 2015, David Schneider and Jerry Allder were traveling in an aircraft from Crete Municipal Airport to Lincoln Airport in Nebraska.  Allder was the pilot and Schneider was the passenger.  Midway through the flight, the plane made low-altitude passes above a small lake on property owned by Allder before ascending after a final pass to 2,000 feet.  Suddenly, the plane plunged nose down and crashed in a field, about 25 miles from Lincoln Airport.  Both Schneider and Allder died in the crash.  Federal investigators found no evidence of engine malfunction of plane failure.

According to, Schneider’s wife has filed a lawsuit against the estate of Allder for negligence and the wrongful death of her husband.  The lawsuit alleges that Allder failed to maintain reasonable control of the plane.  The suit also alleges that Allder was performing aerobatic maneuvers, which violates federal aviation regulations.  Schneider’s wife is seeking $6,000 in funeral and burial expenses in addition to other unspecified damages.

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