Double Amputee Blames Faulty Guardrail For His Severe Crash Injuries.

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Jay Traylor was driving to his North Carolina home when he fell asleep at the wheel. He recalls coming to and seeing the guardrail come shooting through the floor panel of his Isuzu Trooper. He called 911 and told them, “I’m looking for help! I lost my legs in a wreck.” He was right. The accident sent the guardrail through the driver’s side floorboard, actually impaling Traylor. He was rushed to the hospital, but lost both his legs in the crash.

Now months after the crash, Traylor is filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the guardrails. Trinity manufactures guardrails throughout the United States, including in states as close as Rhode Island. His lawsuit alleges that the guardrail was defective and unreasonably dangerous and failed to work as intended. According to Traylor’s attorney, Trinity made certain design changes several years ago and failed to officially notify the Federal Highway Administration. These changes, the lawsuit claims, is what allowed this tragic accident to occur. Traylor is not the first plaintiff to file a lawsuit against the guardrail manufacturer alleging defective design.

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