Dog Viciously Mauls Young Boy After Boy Throws Tantrum.

One Moore, Oklahoma family thought that the worst was over, after experiencing the Oklahoma tornado that took 24 lives at the end of May. The family claims that they felt lucky they and their two children, ages five and two, had survived the deadly storm.

The couple later sent their children to stay at a family friend’s home in Jessieville, Arkansas, while they stayed in Oklahoma to repair their tornado damaged home and destroyed neighborhood. Their friend’s house was meant to be a safe haven for the children from their ruined home and town, but proved to be quite the opposite. The family’s 5 year-old boy was attacked and killed by a 150-pound Bull Mastiff dog this past Saturday June 8th.

Witnesses say that, while playing with his sister, the boy had a tantrum, like many other children his age. He was crying and screaming. The dog may have felt threatened by the boy’s cries and attacked him.

Lynn Geiling, 50, and her husband, tried to drag the animal off the child, but the dog had already inflicted serious personal injury damage to the boy. The child sustained major lacerations to his head and neck during the dog attack.

The boy was rushed to the Mercy Hospital emergency room, where he later died from the dog bites. The dog has since been euthanized.

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