Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against New Jersey Governor For September Traffic Jam.

Six residents of New Jersey have filed a class-action lawsuit against Chris Christie, the State of New Jersey, the New York and New Jersey Port Authority and several other individuals and entities, for damages allegedly caused to the individuals by the outrageous purposeful lane closures that led to a massive traffic jam near Fort Lee, New Jersey during the week of September 9, 2013.

In light of recent revelations that top aides of New Jersey Governor, and 2016 Presidential hopeful, Chris Christie, conspired with officials in charge of transportation to create a traffic jam as political punishment for the mayor of Fort Lee, NJ, the public outrage has started to pour into the legal arena. It all began with a seemingly normal series of lane closures near the George Washington Bridge in the days of September 9 through September, 13, 2013. The closures soon appeared suspicious, however, as traffic was brought to a slow crawl for an extended period of time. This drew suspicions as transportation officials are tasked with ensuring that traffic is not snarled severely by construction during rush driving hours.

Emails disclosed this week confirm that Governor Christie’s top political aides conspired to create the traffic jam as political payback to the Democratic Mayor of Fort Lee, for the latter’s failure to endorse Governor Christie in his re-election bid. Governor Christie has so far denied any involvement in the conspiracy, but official investigations into his involvement have already been launched by New Jersey lawmakers. One lawmaker is quoted as saying that if Christie’s involvement is proven, then Christie committed an “impeachable offense.”

The lawsuit by six New Jersey residents claims that several laws were violated in create the artificial traffic jam and that all six individuals suffered damages by being late to work, and one individual suffered a panic attack. The lawsuit seeks certification as a class. Meanwhile, the human cost of the artificial traffic is only starting to come to light, as reports of individuals dying inside ambulances stuck in traffic, and searches for lost children delayed, are starting to come out in the media.

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