Children Are Being Injured By Lawn Mowers Far Too Often.

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More than 17,000 children are injured by lawn mowers every year across the United States. With spring here and summer on the horizon, teenagers are revving up the family lawn mower for the first time, and young children are asking for “lawn mower rides.” Maybe families are getting more accustomed to a new machine, but no matter the reason, accidents on lawn mowers are especially frequent during this time of year.

Just during the past month, several lawn mower accidents made the news. In one incident, a 2 year-old Florida girl lost both of her feet when her father accidentally backed over her with a riding lawn mower. In another, a 4 year-old boy in Tennessee suffered severe cuts to his arms and legs after he was run over by a lawn mower. In a third instance, a 2 year-old Maryland boy suffered critical injuries when the lawn mower he was riding with his grandfather overturned into a creek.

Most lawn mower accidents are completely preventable. Most accidents are caused by an adult user who fails to see or hear a young child in the grass. Keeping an eye on young children or making them wait inside while the lawn is being mowed can prevent this. Some other simple steps to avoid lawn mower accidents include:  limit operation to children older than twelve, teach children and teenagers safety tips and how to properly operate a mower, do not allow children to ride as passengers, and do not ride in reverse unless absolutely necessary. Following these simple precautions can prevent more lawn mower accidents.

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